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Written by: Charlie Souza & Keith Wilkins of the Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society
Forward by: Ronny Elliot
Published: March 2, 2020 - Arcadia Publishing

When the Peerless Quartet wrote "Way Down On Tampa Bay" in 1914, Tampa Bay's musical roots started growing. Tampa Bay is where Ray Charles created his first song, Hank Ballard wrote and recorded "The Twist," and the Rolling Stones cranked out their hit "Satisfaction." Stephen Stills attended both Plant High School and Admiral Farragut Academy, and Jim Morrison studied at St. Petersburg Junior College. Ella Fitzgerald kicked off her career on the storied Central Avenue in Ybor City. Savatage, Stranger, Diamond Grey, the Outlaws, Bleeding Hearts, Blackkout, the Arena Twins, Tampa Red, and Cheeky Monkey are all artists who have made a huge impact both locally and nationally. From its rock 'n' roll boom in the 1960s to the birth of death metal in the 1980s . . . Tampa Bay has had a rich musical history!

In this book, national recording artist Charlie Souza (the Tropics, Tom Petty's Mudcrutch, and the New Rascals) and Keith Wilkins (longtime bay-area music columnist, concert promoter, and founder of the Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society) have compiled hundreds of photographs and accompanying details in order to help preserve and honor Tampa Bay's rich musical history and give the talented artists who comprise it the respect they rightfully deserve.

“Truly a great book about the music that came out of the Tampa Bay Area! It brought back many great memories of my teenage years and the wonderful venues there were to hear the local bands like the Tropics, the Tempest and the Emotions to name just a few!” - Gilbert Rainault 

“Very well written book with great photos, we was very happy with it.” – Linda Daniels

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