Years Active:
  • 2001 - 2008, 2010, 2012
Band Members:
  • Dennis Daley - Lead Vocals
  • Lee Fenical - Guitar
  • Mike May - Guitar
  • Sammy Chaput - Bass
  • Brian Bradford - Drums
  • Steve Hochberg - Bass
  • Brad Davis - Bass
  • Greg Kime - Bass
  • Mike Dillon - Drums
  • Lee Gibson - Drums
  • Eric Gibson - Guitar
  • "Hurricane" Joe Scott - Guitar
  • Glen Lauhbaugh - Keyboards

 Bad Neighbors was a 5 piece (and at one point 6 piece) cover/originals band that played classic metal style music. In their time, the band was arguably one of the best, most popular bands performing in the Tampa Bay area...garnishing a huge local fan following that would follow them to where ever they played in the bay area. Bad Neighbors performed just about everywhere there was to perform in Tampa Bay at the time, including such bars and venues as Boomerz, Shades, Carlie's Lounge, Bourbon Street, Gasoline Alley, Sneaky D's Saloon, Gator's Cafe & Saloon, and The Green Parrot, just to name a few. The band also performed at several outdoor festivals and events like the St. Pete Rib Fest, where they opened for Blue Oyster Cult. Bad Neighbors were once featured on a local cable tv show where they were showcased, filmed on a studio set performing several songs.

The bands distinctive sound and stage presence was always "Top Notch". Regardless of whether they were performing cover songs or one of their many originals, the band had a uniquely tight hard rockin' sound that was hard to match. There is no doubt that the reason behind their sound was due to the talent within the band.

Bad Neighbors was originally formed in 2001 by founding members which included veteran Tampa Bay drummer, Mike Dillon, and Guitarist, Mike May. Dillon and May then recruited Dennis Daley and Steve Hochberg from the band "Mr. Bigglesworth", and then finally a guitarist named "Hurricane" Joe Scott. After the bands first two shows, the band replaced Hurricane Joe Scott with Lee Fenical to form the bands most well known and longest lasting line-up consisting of: Dennis Daley (Lead Vocals), Lee Fenical (Guitar), Mike May (Guitar), Steve Hochberg (Bass), and Mike Dillon (Drums).

Dennis Daley belted out some of the most hard driven vocals with great passion & energy. An impressive vocalist with a great range. Dennis was always a sight to be seen while on stage with the he would jump on top of the bar at Carlie's Lounge during a performance, and sing while walking up and down the bar top.

Lee Fenical was simply an amazing guitar player with great stage presence....Pound for pound, one of the greatest guitarists to come out of The Tampa Bay area in a long time.

Mike May's guitar playing was the perfect match for Lee. The two traded guitar parts back-n-forth with on some songs, almost like a well synchronized dance.

Steve Hochberg was definitely a sight to see on stage. His heart pounding bass lines would echo out of his unmistakable black & red checkered bass guitar. There was never more of an exciting and energetic scene to see then when he would jump off stage with singer Dennis Daley into the crowd during their cover of Ugly Kid Joe's "Everything About You", and run around in circles, in a thrashing mode.

Mike Dillon was one of those drummers that refused to be held back....never knowing what he was gonna say, do, or even on some occasions wear behind the drum kit next. When Dillon performs there is no mistaking who his influences were, John Bonham and Tommy Lee come bleeding through his drum sticks with every anticipated beat. Dillon is Truly a drummers drummer.

Individually, each original member of Bad Neighbors were some of the most talented musicians you could find in the Bay area at the time. When you brought those 5 musicians together, they were even better. They brought out the best in each other, Musically speaking. The band had a chemistry together that was hard to be matched, there was no weak link amoung them.

The original line-up lasted for approximately 4 years without being altered. Eventually though, one by one, the band would lose Hochberg, Dillon and Fenical. Dillon would eventually resurface as the new drummer for long time area band, Cheeky Monkey.

Dennis Daley & Mike May continued on with the band by recruiting Brad Davis (Noiz, 2112) on Bass and two Tennessee brothers, Lee Gibson on drums, and Eric Gibson on guitar. The band then expanded the band from a 5 piece band to a 6 piece band by adding Glen Lauhbaugh (Even Steven) on keys.

Eric Gibson himself was a talented veteran guitarist, but played in a much different style then his predecessor, Lee Fenical. Where Lee was more of a technical sounding guitarist...Eric was more of a raw sounding guitarist. Eric, without a doubt, brought a different dynamic to the band.

Lee Gibson was a great drummer himself, but much like his brother Eric, Lee's drum playing was a very different style then his predecessor, Mike Dillon.

Brad Davis was another veteran musician who had played with many local & nationally noted musicians, including Noiz. His bass playing seamed to meld right into the bands sound. His stage presence was very different then Hochberg's was.

Glen Lauhbaugh on keys added an additional versatility to the band, allowing them to expand by playing a wider range of songs that they hadn't played before.

Even though the bands new line-up sounded great, it just wasn't the same just wasn't "Bad Neighbors" for many of the fans that followed them from the beginning, and Eventually the Gibson brothers would leave the band to relocate back to Tennessee, where lee would join the progressive metal band, Dark Matter Project.

Following the departure of the Gibson brothers, Bad Neighbors temporarily disbanded. Some of the original members reunited to form a splintered-off 4-piece band called "The Broken", while Brad Davis would eventually go on to join several other bands including Restless Soul and Wikkid, along with Crossbreed drummer, Jay Diesel.

Eventually Bad Neighbors reunited with the popular original line-up, minus Steve Hochberg on Bass, who went on to play in the Tampa Bay band, Monster. Daley, Fenical, May, and Dillon recruited a bassist named Felix to play a few shows with the band, before finally settling on Sammy Chaput to permanently take over on bass guitar. This band line-up lasted for about 2 years.

Towards the very end of the bands existance in 2008, Sammy Chaput was no longer performing with the band live. Long-time Tampa Bay veteran musician, Kevin Rothney (Circle II Circle, King Pin, Jon Oliva's Pain), would end up filling in on Bass for several Bad Neighbors shows.

Bad Neighbors performed for the last time on Halloween of 2008. There after, lead singer Dennis Daley and the band parted ways. The rest of the band considered auditioning new lead singers and continuing on at first, but for whatever reasons, never did.

Following the break-up, Dennis Daley took over as the new lead singer of long-time Tampa Bay favorites, Diamond Gray. Lee Fenical continued to perform all over the Tampa Bay Area, joining several bands. Mike May went on to join Kilo. Mike Dillon went on to perform in countless Tampa Bay bands.

Bad Neighbors reunited for the first time on December 4th, 2010, two years after their breakup. Dennis Daley, Lee Fenical, Mike May, Mike Dillon, and Sammy Chaput all reunited, with an appearance by one time Bad Neighbors bassist, Brad Davis. A huge crowd showed up for the reunion show which took place at Grass Flats Bar & Grill in Clearwater.

A year and a half later on June 23rd, 2012, Bad Neighbors reunited once again for a huge show at Harlie's Nite Club in Pinellas Park. The line-up for this reunion show was Dennis Daley, Lee Fenical, Mike May, Sammy Chaput, and Brian Bradford on drums instead of Mike Dillon. Attendance for the show was one of the largest in the history of Harlie's Nite Club.

Bad Neighbors now performs in the Tampa Bay area occasionally, usually for special events.

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Bad Neighbors 1st Reunion Show

Grass Flats, Clearwater - December 4th, 2010

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Bad Neighbors 2nd Reunion Show

Harlie's Nite Club, Pinellas Park - June 23rd, 2012

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