Band Members:
  • Earl "Cosmo" Foote - Lead Vocals
  • Archie J. Muise - guitars
  • Dan Brice - Bass
  • Frank Antone Jerome - Drums
  • Sean Colpoys - Bass
  • George Martin - Drums

During the early to mid 1990's, Bleeding Hearts took the Tampa Bay music scene by storm. Arguably one of the most popular unsigned original bands to come out of the Tampa Bay area during their time, Bleeding Hearts consisted of Earl Foote (known then as Earl Cosmo) on Lead Vocals, Archie J. Muise on Guitar, Dan Brice on Bass, and Frank Antone Jerome on Drums.

Without a doubt, Bleeding Hearts got plenty of exposure. Whether it was in-store performances at places like Specs Music, Peach's Music or Seminole Music & local music venues like M.L. Chaser’s or the now legendary Rock-It Club...or at large outdoor concerts like 98Rock’s “Worlds largest BBQ” or Livestock...Bleeding Hearts played everywhere there was to play at the time!

In 1991 Bleeding Hearts released their 4-song, self titled EP. The band later followed that up by releasing their full length album, “Loaded Gun”, The following year in 1992. Over time, Bleeding Hearts would wind up selling over 100,000 copies...very impressive for a local unsigned band!

As both the National & Local music scene started to drastically change during the mid to late 1990's, Bleeding Hearts went through some changes as well. Dan Brice & Frank Antone Jerome would be replaced by Sean Colpoys on Bass and George Martin on drums. As they say though, all good things must come to an end...and eventually so did Bleeding Hearts as they would eventually disband soon there after.

After the Bleeding Hearts disbanded, Earl Foote & Archie J. Muise would eventually team up to write and perform together as an acoustic duo simply called “Earl & Arch.” Nowadays Earl currently plays in the Earl Foote Band, and has released 5 albums to date.

 Bleeding Hearts EP (1990)

Loaded Gun (1991)

Loaded Gun - 20th Anniversary 1992-2012  (2011)


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