The Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society's Board of Directors consist of the following Tampa Bay music scene professionals:

 Keith Wilkins

President & Founder

Keith Wilkins has worked in the Tampa Bay music scene for the past 20 years as a Contract Songwriter & Syndicated Music Columnist. Keith has written for ROC Magazine, Mayhem Magazine,, and The Bay Buzz. Keith has appeared in several magazines & books, on both radio & tv, and has appeared as a guest speaker at numerous music seminars. Keith is the founder of KAM Music Publishing, co-founder of KAM-BABS Promotions, consultant for Bay Area Band Source, and the Vice President of both the Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame, and the Florida Musicians Hall of Fame.

Charlie Souza

Board of Director

Charlie Souza has 50 years of experience in the music industry. Souza was the founding member & bass player of The Tropics, one of the Bay areas most successful bands in the 1960's. Aside from the Tropics, Souza has been a member of Mudcrutch, Cactus, Fortress, and White Witch as well. Souza has also played bass with Tom Petty & Gregg Allman, is the current bass player & Vocalist with The New Rascals & The New Tropics, an active Tampa Bay area record producer, and the president of the Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame, as well as the Florida Musicians Hall of Fame. In 2011, Charlie published his autobiography entitled “Live your Dream.”

Tony Michaelides

Board of Director

With a well respected, irrefutable reputation achieved over 30+ years in the music industry, Tony Michaelides is a music industry legend. Originally from England, Tony is a book author, radio show host, speaker, and record promoter who has worked for Transatlantic Records, BMG, Factory Records, and Island Records. Tony is also the founder and owner of TMP (Tony Michaelides Promotions), a promotions company which worked with bands such as U2, REM, The Police, Bob Marley, Matchbox Twenty, Elvis Costello, David Bowie, and Peter Gabrial,  just to name a few.

Jane McKee

Board of Director

For years Jane McKee has been one of Tampa Bay’s most experienced and trusted agents. McKee is a Partner in Backline Music Group and owner of Jane's World Entertainment, which was established in 1995. Throughout the years McKee has represented some of the best local Rock, Pop, Urban Contemporary, Country, Latin, Christian/Gospel, Top 40, reggae and specialty acts in Tampa Bay.

Jason Jennings

Board of Director

Jason Jennings is a veteran musician in the Tampa Bay music scene that has been living and working in the scene since 1979. Whether as a solo artist or as a band member, Jennings has performed or recorded with a virtual who's who list of musicians during his career. Jennings currently is the bass player for Jon Oliva's Pain.

Curtis Beeson

Board of Director

In the Tampa Bay Death Metal scene, the name Curtis Beeson is well known and well respected. Though mostly recognized for being the drummer for the popular 1980's metal band, Nasty Savage (Metal Blade Records), Beeson has also played in several other bands including: SinGod, Massacre, Fester, Denial Fiend, Razor, Havoc Mass, Lowbrow, and Meltdown.


Brad Davis

Board of Director

Another veteran of the Tampa Bay music scene, Brad Davis has been apart of the scene since 1979. Throught the years, Davis has been the bass player for hugely popular bands such as Noiz, Messiaxx, 1404, Wikkid, Bad Neighbors, Ritual, White Light, Sweet Cheeks, and many others. Aside from playing bass in countless bands, Davis had also worked in the scene as a concert promoter with his company, Noiz Productions, and also as a live music venue owner as well.

Dina Mead

Board of Director

In the Tampa Bay music scene where there is not too many women working behind the Scenes, Dina Mead has made a name for herself. As a former band manager for several local bands, Dina Mead now mainly acts as a consultant for bands and music venues in the Bay area. Her opinion has been well respected by countless Tampa Bay music venues, wanting to know which bands to book. Dina is the founder of Bay Area Band Source (a networking website for the local music scene) and the co-founder of KAM-BABS Promotions, through which she has co-organized & co-promoted several charity concerts in the Tampa Bay area.

 John Sweeney Jr.

Board of Director

John Sweeney is the Owner & President of Social Network Radio and has been involved in the music and bar business for over 25 yrs. He is a huge supporter of the local music scene and has even dedicated one of his 7 radio stations exclusively to independent artists & local musicians. He is also a freelance writer for various news publications, wrote an award nominated blog (Bloggers Choice Award 2010,2011) called "The Facebook & Zynga Blog" He also hosted his own award nominated (Bloggers Choice Award 2011 & Mashable Award 2010,2011) weekly talk radio show called "The Facebook & Zynga Podcast."


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