Charlie Souza was the founding member & bass player of The Tropics, one of the Bay areas most successful bands in the 1960's. Aside from the Tropics, Souza has been a member of Mudcrutch, Cactus, Fortress, and White Witch as well. Souza has also played bass with Tom Petty & Gregg Allman, is the current bass player & Vocalist with The New Rascals & The New Tropics, an active Tampa Bay area record producer, and the president of the Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame, as well as the Florida Musicians Hall of Fame. In 2011, Souza published his autobiography entitled “Live your Dream.”

Live Your Dream (2000-Souzaphone Records)
The Rose (2002-SunRecords)
Compilation Album (2004-Souzaphone Records)
Livin' In Paradise (2007-Souzaphone Records)

 "Make It Right (In The Gulf Of Mexico)"

Surfboard Records (2010)

 "New York City Dreams"

Nine Ball In The Corner Pocket

Souzaphone Records (2000)

"Live Your Dream"

Live Your Dream

Souzaphone Records (2000)

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