Band Active:

  • 1991 - Present

Band Members (current):

  • Zak Stevens (lead vocals)
  • Christian Wentz (guitars)
  • Bill Hudson (guitars)
  • Mitch Stewart (bass & vocals)
  • Adam Sagan (drums)
  • Henning Wanner (keyboards)

Band Members (past):

  • Evan Christopher (guitars & vocals)
  • Matt LaPorte (guitars)
  • Andrew Lee (guitars & vocals)
  • Kevin Rothney (bass)
  • Oliver Palotai (keyboards)
  • Tom Drennan (drums & vocals)

Watching In Silence (2003-AFM Records) 

 The Middle of Nowhere (2005-AFM Records)

 Burden Of Truth (2006-AFM Records)

Delusions Of Granduir (2008-AFM Records) 

Consicuence Of Power (2010-AFM Records) 

Full Circle-The Best Of: (2012-AFM Records) 

 Seasons Will Fall (2013-Ear Music)

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