Band Members:
  • Jon Oliva (lead vocals) 
  • Christopher Caffery - (guitar)
  • Reno Rojas (bass)
  • John Osborn (drums, percussion) 
Doctor Butcher was a side project involving Jon Oliva and Chris Caffery of Savatage. Upon hearing of Oliva’s departure from the fore of Savatage, Caffery called Oliva, and "over ten bottles of Jack Daniels", Doctor Butcher was born.

Doctor Butcher recorded some initial demos for their debut album with Hal Patino and Gene Barnett, but bad press over Oliva's health (he was still recovering from the drug and alcohol addiction he had during the late 80's and early 90's) lead Atlantic Records to stick with Savatage instead of Doctor Butcher. 

Doctor Butcher’s self-titled debut album was eventually released in 1994 on GUN Records. Hopes of an American release were shattered, so the album was released only in Europe instead. Despite being let-down by a non-US release, plans were made for a second record with the tentative title, The Good, The Bad, and the Butchered, set to be released in January 1996. However, after Oliva and Caffery re-joined Savatage, and due to other contractual obligations to Edel Records, the second album was never released.

A compilation of Doctor Butcher’s demos were released in 1999 by Crook Records. In 2005, Black Lotus Records re-issued the album featuring a bonus disc, featuring one new song, "Inspecter Highway", and four tracks taken from the demo CD.

Doctor Butcher
(GUN Records - 1994)
Doctor Butcher
(Black Lotus Records - 2005 re-release)

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