Eve's Reason

Years Active:

  • 2003 - ?
Band Members:

  • Wayne Legg (drums/vocals)
  • Sharon Legg (bass/vocals)
  • Laura Read Farrow (lead & backing vocals)
  • Chris Close (guitar/lead & backing vocals)
  • Nathan Parks (guitar)
Sound Engineer:
  • Paul "Paulie" Dewees

Eve’s Reason was formed in 2003 by Wayne (drums and vocals) and Sharon Legg  (Bass and vocals), and Laura Read Farrow (lead/background vocals), following the breakup of their former band, Eye’s Wide Open.

Along with Nathan Parks (guitar) and Chris Close (guitar and lead/background vocals), Eve’s Reason released their debut album, “Pariah”, in 2004. Recorded at the Leggacy Productions Studio, “Pariah” consisted of 10 songs such as "Trust", "Taker", "Fake", "Clear", "Fingerbang", "Pink Panther", "P.M.S.", "No More", "There I Go", and "Sneak". The song lyrics were written primarily by Laura Read Farrow and in some ways show the battles she was going through in her life. 

Pariah (2004)