Band Members:

  • Robert Vessenmeyer (guitar / vocals)
  • Stephen Vessenmeyer (guitar / vocals)

formed in St. Petersburg by brothers Robert and Stephen Vessenmeyer, this acoustic rock duo mixes rootsy, rugged harmonies with classic rock inspired songwriting to create their own brand of down home "redneck soul". The Vessenmeyer brothers first earned prestige through their former band Men From Earth, who burned bright and fast in the mid ‚1990's.

The duo released their debut album and accompanying DVD, "Spark of Life", in 2010. “Spark of Life” was recorded with Steve Connelly at Zen Recording and featured "The Moon Shines on Carolina”, "Sold Me Out”, "Starlite”, and “Capitol Hill”. The release also features two songs recorded in Austin, Texas with Producer John Croslin

I Am A Patriot

(2002 - CD Single)

 Spark of Life


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