Eyes Wide Open 


Years Active:

  • 1991 - 2001
Band Members:

  • Wayne Legg - drums/vocals (1999-2001)
  • Sharon Legg - bass/vocals (1991-2001)
  • Mike May - lead guitar/vocals
  • Ray "Rayman" Kupstas - rhythm guitar
  • Laura Read Farrow - lead & backing vocals
  • Chris Close - guitar/vocals
Sound Engineer:
  • Paul "Paulie" Dewees

In 1991  the husband and wife team of Wayne (Drums and Vocals) and Sharon (Bass and Vocals) Legg teamed up with Mike May (Lead Guitar and Vocals) and Ray "Rayman" Kupstas (Rhythm Guitar) to form the band Eyes Wide Open.

Recording at Panda Studios with George Harris in early 1992, Eyes Wide Open released their debut album, "In The Real World", which included songs such as "Wings", "Ray's Boogie", "Change of Weather", "Longing for Yesterday", "Nasty Business", "Wonder Why", and "What Ya Gonna Do".

In 1992, Eyes Wide Open was one of the first ever in the World to have a web site with sound and moving graphics created by Patrick Carson. The band gigged all over the Tampa Bay area, playing a mix of songs from "In The Real World" and their own interpretations of such classics as Sympathy For The Devil, Stone Free, Mustang Sally, and a host of others. In 1995 they went back to Panda Studios with George Harris to record their 2nd album (and one of the first ever released local band CD's) called "Till The Walls Fell", which included such songs as "The Fool", "Rage", "Blues Rhapsody", "Change of Weather", "Apathy", "Longing For Yesterday", "Looking Out From The Cage", "Rayman's Boogie", "You Were The One", and "Wings". All the songs from the "In The Real World" release that made it onto this CD were remixed and re-recorded for this release. The CD was nominated for four different awards and can still be found in some of the local bar jukeboxes even today. 

Eyes Wide Open continued for another five years, eventually adding Laura Read Farrow on background Vocals, and Chris Close on Guitars and Vocals. In 2000 Eyes Wide Open started working on their third album with Mike May writing lyrics, music and playing guitars, and Laura Read Farrow singing lead vocals, but only two recordings were ever finished. The first was called "Recluse" and was never officially released, the second was called "Apologetic" but it was only released on Reverbnation for the charity World View.

In 2001 Mike May and Ray Kupstas left the band citing creative difference. Kupstas retired from the music business while Mike May went on to found his own band, Bad Neighbors. 


In The Real World (1992) 

 Till The Walls Fell (1995)

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