Band Members:

  • Stephen Griggs (guitar)
  • Pete McKay (bass)
  • David White (keys)
  • Mark Keur (drums)

Originally called Magic, Koco was initially formed In 1973 with David White, Mark Keur, Terry Bolliea (Hulk Hogan) and Stephen Griggs. Bolliea was eventually replaced with Brad Prince, who eventually would move on to play in Stinger. Pete McKay then joined Koco and the name changed to Freebird. After Lynard Skynard released their hit song, "Freebird", the band changed their name again to Firebird. Throughout their 3-year tenure, Koco/Freebird/Firebird played throughout Florida and the southeast United States. The group disbanded in 1976 following the popularity of Disco music. 

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