Though originally born and raised in the Streets of Tuscaloosa, Lee Pons is A keyboardist, bassist, singer/songwriter, and award winning blues man who has lived and performed in the Tampa Bay area for many years.

Pons’ father, his biggest influence, was a musician who played in big bands with such legends as Harry Belefonte, Duke Ellington and Danny Kaye. Following in his father's footsteps, by sixteen Lee was already playing in clubs around town and later attended Juilliard School of Music, earning 2 degrees. Though Pons plays a variety of instruments and styles of music, his real love & passion is playing Jazz and Blues on his keyboards.

Pons’ deep soul sound and music love came from none other than New Orleans! He avidly played clubs, backrooms and juke joints while he learned all he could about how New Orleans does jazz, blues and R&B.

Throughout his career, Pons has toured the world, and has also been a member of such Tampa Bay original as Cheeky Monkey and Buddy King's Shotgun Junkies.

In 2009, Pons won the “Best Local Blues Artist” award for Creative Loafing’s “Best of The Bay Awards”.

In 2010, Pons was the semifinalist in The Blues Foundation's 26th Annual International Blues Challenge.  

Big Boogie Voodoo (2010 - Mind Balm Records)

 Togged To The Bricks (2012)


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