The following are official music videos released by Tampa Bay bands. Click on the TV Screens to view the music videos:


"Back to Basics"

VPN Studios LLC (2013)

 20 Shades

 "20 Shades of Grey"


Tate Music Group


"Livin' In Hotel Rooms"

Notice To Appear (1994) 

 Big Moon Rocket

"High Tonight"

Glenn Cummings



Roadracer / MCA Records (1988)

 "For You"

For You (2002)

"Sick of Being Blue" 

For You (2002)

 Earl Foote Band

"Gloucester Till The End"

Suburban Town (2011) 

 Factory Black

"Julie, I..."


 Tom Freeman

"Home In Tampa Bay"


  Geri X

"You Can Have Me"

Work Is The Wolf (2012) 

"You And Me"


"Whiskey and Cigarettes"

Whiskey and Cigarettes (2011) 

"The Perfectionist"

The Bedroom Sessions, Vol 2: The Naked Truth (2010)   

The Hazies

"Skin & Bones" 

"Open Your Eyes"



"Taste The Night"

Taste The Night


"Miss Me" 

  Johnny Cakes & the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso 

"Happy Thanksgiving"



"Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)"


Steamhammer Records (2012) 

"The Great Pandemonium"

Poetry For The Poisoned

Earmusic Records  (2010) 

"March of Mephisto"

The Black Halo

Steamhammer Records (2005) 

"The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)"


Steamhammer Records (2005) 

 Mena Brinno

"The Lone Green Valley"

Icy Muse

Dark Balance Records (2007) 

 Mojo Gurus

"I Can't Stand To hear That Song Again"

Let's Get Lit (2009)

True North Records / Linus Entertainment

 Nasty Savage



Amber Lynn Nicol



Jerzey Girl Music (2014)


"Wall of Power"

Roadrunner Records (1987)   

 Randy Bluesman Hock's Bluesmachine

"Honky Tonk Rhythm"


"OK Just Ain't Good Enough"


 Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt


Rhino's Last Dance (2009)

 Roxx Gang

"No Easy Way Out"

Things You've Never Done Before 

Virgin Records (1988)

"One Child"

Dead Winter Dead

Atlantic Records (1995) 

"Handful of Rain"

Handful of Rain

Atlantic Records (1994) 

 "Edge of Thorns"

Edge of Thorns

Atlantic Records (1993)


Edge of Thorns

Atlantic Records (1993) 

 "Jesus Saves"

Streets - A Rock Opera

Atlantic Records (1991)

"Gutter Ballet"

Gutter Ballet

Atlantic Records (1989) 

 "When The Crowds Are Gone"

Gutter Ballet

Atlantic Records (1989)

"Hall of the Mountain King"

Hall of the Mountain King 

Atlantic Records (1987) 

 "24 Hours Ago"

Hall of the Mountain King

Atlantic Records (1987)

 Gary Schutt

"Nobody Special"

Contingency Plan (2010) 


Contingency Plan (2010) 


Loss 4 Words (2008) 

"Baby Dinosaur"

Loss 4 Words (2008) 

"Left In The Dark"

B-Sides Myself (2005) 

Charlie Souza

 "Make It Right (In The Gulf Of Mexico)"

Surfboard Records (2010)

 "New York City Dreams"

Nine Ball In The Corner Pocket

Souzaphone Records

 "Live Your Dream"

Live Your Dream 

Souzaphone Records (2000)



No Rules

Thunderbay Records (1989)

"Hit & Run"

No Rules

Thunderbay Records (1989)

"Okeechobee Whiskey"

Thunderbay Records 

 "Swamp Woman"

Thunderbay Records

 Tommy Roxx & Big Deal!

"Freedom Isn't Free"

Freedom Isn't Free (2012)

 Tyger Tyger


Retrospect Records 

 Uncle Sally

"My Friend Pain"

World of Hurt (1993) 

 War On Hollywood

"You Make Me Smile"

War On Hollywood (2012) 

 Michael J. Weiss

"Little Bit of You" 


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