Band Members:

  • Rodney Justo (lead vocals)
  • Buddy Richards (lead guitar)
  • Bill Mann (guitar)
  • Ronny Elliott (bass)
  • Bobby Caldwell (drums)


Noah’s Ark formed in Tampa. Bobby Caldwell had earlier drummed for The Go-Mads, prior to forming Noah's Ark with Buddy Richardson and Ronny Elliott. Elliott and Richardson had previously been in other local groups including the Raveons, Outsiders and Soul Trippers. Bill Mann also played in The Outlaws. Caldwell then was recruited by Johnny Winter and, later the UK/US outfit Captain Beyond. Caldwell also drummed on the New Englander's tracks found on the Tener Bee-Jay sampler LPs. When Caldwell left The Go-Mads, the remaining members became, Plant Life.

Noah's Ark later re-grouped as Duckbutter and Buddy Richardson would later form White Witch.