Active: 1986 - 1993

Band Members:

  • Todd Boese (Guitars)
  • Todd Dyer (Bass)
  • Eddie Rice (Guitars)
  • James Marra (Vocals)
  • Rudy Goryance (Drums)
  • Hal Loo (Drums)
Years Active:
  • 1986 - 1993
Band Members:
  • James Marra - Vocals
  • Eddie Rice - Guitars
  • Todd Boese - Guitars
  • Todd Dyer - Bass
  • Rudy Goryance - Drums
  • Hal Loo - Drums

In 1984 James Marra, Todd Dyer, Rudy Goryance, and Will Palmer formed the metal band AndzVolt. Palmer was later replaced by 2 guitarists, Todd Boese and Charlie Cook. After 2 years of touring they replaced Cook with guitarist Eddie Rice, and Goryance with drummer Hal Loo, and changed the band's name to Powersurge.

Later that year, Powersurge released the demo "Elements of Metal," bringing the band to the attention of Roadrunner Records. Loo left the band, and Goryance returned to play drums. In 1991, Powersurge released their debut album, "MCMXCI" on Roadrunner Records.

In 1991 Powersurge's song “One Nations Revenge” (Rice/Dyer) made Europe’s top 25 metal billboard charts, where it stayed for 6 weeks. MTV regularly aired Powersurge's anthem video, “Wall Of Power,” on "Headbanger's Ball."

In 1992 guitarist Eddie Rice left the band to pursue his solo career and formed Hollow Point with Dave Smith (Sobriety X) shortly after Marra and Boese left Powersurge, and the band split up.

Between 1986 to 1992 the band had recorded 42 original songs. This material was remixed and came out in 4 releases: two on
O.P.M. Records in 2000 and 2003, and two on Battle Cry Records in 2006.

On June 21, 2009, Todd Dyer, long time bass player and core member of Powersurge, died shortly after being diagnosed with throat cancer.

Eddie Rice and Rudy Goryance continue to perform together in a new band, Drive.


 Powersurge (1991 - Roadracer Records)

MCMXCI (1991 - Roadrunner Records) 

Snow God (2000 - O.P.M. Records) 

Targeted For Termination (2003 - O.P.M. Records) 


Aftermath (2006 - Battle Cry Records) 

 Eye of the Storm (2006 - Battle Cry Records)



 "Wall of Power"

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