Throughout the years, the Tampa Bay music scene had been highly promoted on the airwaves. During the late 1980's - mid 1990's, Tampa Bay radio stations set aside pockets of precious air time in order to showcase local talent in the form of an hour or so of playing nothing but songs from local artists. These local stations would also broadcast in-studio interviews and performances with local artists & bands as well. WXTB 98ROCK had their "Tampa Bay Rocks" show hosted by Jeff Zinda from 9:00pm - Midnight on Sunday nights. WMNF 88.5 FM had their "Local Music Show" hosted by Ron Boyko on Thursday nights from 11:00pm - Midnight. 95ynf also did their part in promoting the local music scene as well, airing the "95ynf Radio Clash" every Sunday night from 9:00pm - 2:00am. Hosted by Charlie Logan, the "95ynf Radio Clash" broadcasted local bands performing live from Morrisound Recording Studios in Tampa. 

Listed below are notable radio shows that devoted air-time to featuring local Tampa Bay music throughout the years.

Click on the individual radio shows below to view more information:

 "The Pit"


 "Hellraisers Ball"

(RockSlam Radio)

"Local Exposure"

(WPRN 102.1 fm) 

 "Zig Zag America"

(WPRN 102.1 fm & RockSlam Radio)

 "On the Air with Keith Wilkins"

(WPRN 102.1 fm)

 "Local Artist Hour"

(WPRN 102.1 fm)

"The Local Live Show"

(Black Pearl Rock Radio) 


 "95ynf Radio Clash" - "Florida Folk Show" (WMNF 88.5 FM) - "Local Music Show" (WMNF 88.5 FM) - "Tampa Bay Rocks" (WXTB 98ROCK) - Liquid Lunch (WXTB 98ROCK)


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