Band Members:

  • Chad Yerbury (lead vocals & acoustic guitar)
  • Pat Buffo (lead vocals)
  • Paul Patronelli (lead guitar)
  • Tom Partiginoni (guitar)
  • Brian Jeffries (guitar & vocals)
  • Tom Spittle (guitar, flute, keys & vocals)
  • Sean Sullivan (bass & vocals)
  • Dave Stevenson (bass & vocals)
  • Rick Hoffer (drums)
  • Sonny Harlan (drums)
  • Pete Grata (drums)


Throughout the years there have been countless Tampa Bay born bands that have gained wide-spread popularity, both locally, nationally, and internationally. Among those bands is Rebel Pride.

Chad Yerbury (singer, acoustic guitar) and Sean Sullivan (Bass, Vocals) initially formed Rebel Pride in October of 1995 as a country band. The two soon hired Tom Partiginoni (guitar), Paul Patronelli (Lead Guitar) and Rick Hoffer (drums) to round out the band, and soon started rehearsing. In the begining, Rebel Pride performed mostly at clubs for the first year until they were discovered by Devon Dingley, a promoter at wflz radio. Dingley eventually got Rebel Pride several gigs opening for such national acts as Kenny Chesney, Lonestar, Saywer Brown, Doug Supernaw and Mark Collie. In addition, Rebel pride also played several showcases and festivals including the "John’s Pass Seafood Fest," a Tampa Bay Lightning Playoff party, the "Plant City Strawberry festival," and the "Q105 Memorial Day Beach Bash.

In 1996, Rebel Pride began to gain even more popularity, and the Lineup changed to feature Chad Yerbury, Brian Jeffries, Tom Spittle, Sean Sullivan and Rick Hoffer. However, Sean Sullivan and Rick Hoffer would soon be replaced the following year in 1997 as well.

It was also in 1997 when Rebel Pride appeared on the Tampa Bay Unsigned compilation album, released by Seminole Music & Sound. Shortly after that, the band quickly released their debut self titled album.

In 2002 Rebel Pride released their 2nd album entitled Rock Stars & Cowboys. On several occasions in various interviews throughout the years, Rebel Pride has “panned” their first two releases as not being a good representation of the Rebel Pride sound.

In 2001, Rebel Pride parted ways with their lead singer, Chad Yerbury. In one interview with Tom Spittle where he reflects back on the bands past, Spittle refers to Yerbury as “a singer that betrayed his bandmates.”

In 2004, Pat Buffo joined Rebel Pride as their new lead singer. In addition, Sonny Harlan also joined the bands lineup as their new drummer. With the addition of Buffo & HarlanRebel Pride started moving away from country music, and started transforming more into a traditional southern rock band, inspired by such legendary Florida bands as lynyrd SkynyrdMolly Hatchet, and The Outlaws. This time period is considered by both the band and their fans as to being the major turning point for Rebel Pride.

With their new lineup and sound ready to be heard, the band released their 3rd album, It Is What It Is, on October 1st, 2005. The album was recorded at Zen Studios in St. Petersburg by Steve Connelly.

“It came very easy after having road tested the new songs over a six-month period.” - Tom Spittle.

It Is What It Is featured such songs as “Stomp Yer Foots”“Gititon”“Tampa Bay Worksong”“Getting' Closer”“Slippin' Away”“The Hard Way”“Drop The Ball”, and “Survive”.

It Is What It Is not only sold well here in the US, but the album exceeded the bands expectations over in Europe as well. The album was also a big hit on the southern rock radio station, Four of the songs from the album were in the stations top 20 rotation, with “Survive” becoming the most played song of all time on the station.

2007 proved to be a busy year for Rebel Pride. The band’s song, “Stomp Yer Foot’s”, was included on the Operation: Rock Our Troops compilation album. Released on January 2nd, 2007, Operation: Rock Our Troops was dedicated to all the US military personnel fighting over seas in Afghanistan, Iraq, and all around the world.

Later in 2007, Rebel Pride released their 4th original studio album entitled Backin’ It Up. Also in 2007, the band was contracted by CMH Records to record a tribute album to country star, Toby KeithA Southern Rock Tribute to Toby Keith was released on CMH Records later that same year, and featured Rebel Pride’s versions of Toby Keith’s songs.

Rebel Pride released their last studio album in 2009, All Points In BetweenAll Points In Between was recorded in two days with Minimum overdubs. The album featured songs such as “Girls Want To Dance”“My Kind Of Girl”“Gonna Take A Lot More”"Touch Our Souls”“Backin’ It Up”“It Is What It Is”“Heritage Not Hate” and “One More Chance”.

A review of the album on had this to say about All Points In Between:

“All Points In Between came out in 2008 and is Rebel Prides strongest effort so far, offering melodic guitar riffs and vocals true to finest Southern Rock traditions. From first song, Girls Just Wanna Dance, to the last one, it just leaves people wanting more.” -

During their career peek in popularity, it seemed like their wasn’t an event or venue that Rebel Pride wasn’t performing in or at in the Tampa Bay area. For nine straight years the band was performing on a regular basis for 50 weeks out of each year. Along the way, the band had opened for such legendary acts as Lynyrd SkynyrdMolly Hatchet38 SpecialCharlie DanielsMontgomery GentryThe Dixie ChicksKenny Chesney, and many others as well.

Although, Rebel Pride’s lineup had seen brief changes including the addition of Pete Gratta in the past, BuffoSpittleJeffriesStevenson, and Harlan have been the foundation and mainstays of the band.

Rebel Pride stopped performing out on a regular basis together in 2011. Earlier this year on February 23rd, the band reunited for a one time show at the Historic Porpoise Pub in Seminole. Following the reunion show, fans were left wondering what the future plans for Rebel Pride were. Was the reunion show truly just a one time event? Rebel Pride’s official website is no longer active, the band has not announced any future show dates since their February reunion show, and Rebel Pride has made no official announcement regarding the band’s future.

The St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene Column ran into Rebel Pride bassist, Dave Stevenson, at the AMPD Original Music Showcase that took place in Seminole on April 21st, 2013. Stevenson was at AMPD, scheduled to perform with Tommy Roxx & Big Deal!. Though Tommy Roxx & Big Deal! ended up not performing that night, Stevenson did talk with the St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene column at the event. Stevenson stated that not only have Rebel Pride’s fans been requesting to see them in concert again, but distributors, internet radio stations and their fans have all been requesting new material from the band as well.

Only time will tell if there will be more shows or another album from Rebel Pride in the future?

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Tampa Bay Unsigned (1997) 

Rock Stars & Cowboys (2002) 

It Is What It Is (2005) 


Operation: Rock Our Troops (2007) 

 Backin’ It Up (2007)

A Southern Rock Tribute to Toby Keith (2007) 

 All Points In Between (2009)

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