Years Active:

  • 1978 - 1981

Band Members:

  • Nancy Scott - lead vocals
  • Kacy Ross - guitar & vocals
  • Lee Steel - guitar & vocals
  • Mark Scott - guitar
  • John Donniacuo - guitar
  • John Comerford - bass
  • Billy McConnell - bass
  • Jeff Levy - drums


Rich Rag$ was formed in Clearwater around 1978 and went through a few changes in membership before settling on a line-up that included members Mark Scott, Nancy Scott, Jeff Levy, John Comerford, John Donniacuo, and Kacy Ross. At the time, Rich Rag$ was one of the few bands in the Tampa Bay area who played all original music, and quickly gained a cult following.

Rich Rag$ produced their first EP titled "Dentist Office Music" with four songs: “Fast Foods”, “Strait Girl”, “Rejection”, and “On The Level”. Shortly after the record was released, John Donniacuo and John Comerford left the band. Comerford was replaced on bass guitar by Billy McConnell from the hard rock band, Alien. As a third guitarist, Donniacuo was not replaced. The new line-up quickly went to work writing several new songs and won some talent shows.

In late 1979, Kacy Ross quits the band right before a gig in Tampa, in order to join another band called citizen. Lee Steel, who was Rich Rag$ sound engineer at the time, sits in with the band for the gig and performs all of Kacy’s parts. After the show, Lee quits his band, The Fanatics, and joins Rich Rag$.

In early 1980, Rich Rag$ enter JMA Recording Studios in Land 'O' Lakes and record their 45, “Jeffrey, Where Are You Now?” and “Syncopated Love”. The 45 was released later that year and received a very good review in the local trade publication, "Steppin' Out". With only 500 records pressed, The 45 was sold in Peaches Records & Tapes, and even found it’s way into several jukeboxes around the area.

During the remainder part of 1980, Rich Rag$ played as often as they could in such places as Brewer's Lounge, The Courtroom Lounge, Ms. Lucky's Club, Mark Twain's, and The Den.

Rich Rag$ final show would be on January 1st, 1981, when they performed at The Den in Clearwater. Though Rich Rag$ rehearsed and wrote new material after that, they never played another show.

Rich Rag$ reunited for a show in 1994 to commemorate 15 years that included Mark Scott, Nancy Scott, Kacy Ross, John Donniacuo and John Comerford. Billy McConnell could not take part in the reunion. The reunion show is now available on DVD. 

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