Band  Members:

  • Ricky Wilcox (guitar, vocals)
  • Steve Connelly (guitar, vocals)
  • Jim Brown (bass, vocals)
  • Alex Wolfe-Parnes (drums, vocals)
  • Rick Boucher (drums)

Ricky Wilcox and the Moonsnakes are a 4-piece Power Pop / Americana / Rock band formed by former Deloris Telescope drummer, Ricky Wilcox. The band originally featured Ricky Wilcox (ex- Deloris Telescope) on guitar, Steve Connelly (Ditchflowers, ex- Headlights) on guitar, Rick Boucher (The Edisons, Betty's Not a Vitamin) on drums, and Jim Brown (The Ruins) on bass. Eventually Alex Wolfe-Parnes would replace Boucher on drums. 

Last Day On Planet Earth


 Old Glory



 Band promo Shots

Live at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg 

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