1997 - 2005

Roxx Gang:

  • Kevin Steele (Lead Vocals)
  • Jeff Taylor (Guitar / Backing Vocals
  • Wade Hayes (Guitar / Backing Vocals)
  • Jeff Vitolo (Guitar)
  • Roby Strine (Bass / Backing Vocals)
  • Vinnie Granese (bass / vocals)
  • David James Blackshire (Drums / Backing Vocals)
Mojo Gurus:

  • Kevin Steele (lead vocals / harmonica)
  • Doc Lovett (guitar / vocals)
  • Jeff Vitolo (Guitar)
  • Vinnie Granese (bass / vocals)
  • Mark Busto (drums)
  • Tommy Weder (drums)
Florida native, Kevin Steele, formed the Tampa Bay glam rock band, Roxx Gang, in the 1980's. In 1988, the band signed with Virgin Records, which that year released the debut album Things You've Never Done Before. Voodoo You Love followed on the independent Perris Records in 1996, then Love 'Em and Leave 'Em in 1997. At the end of the 1990s, the band, which now including guitarist Jeff Vitolo and bassist Vinnie Granese, played a birthday party for one of the band members' girlfriends at the Voodoo Lounge. Instead of doing their usual glam rock show, the band came on as a rockabilly group dubbed Mojo Gurus. The band enjoyed it so much that they began to book themselves occasionally in this new persona. Since the trend for hair metal bands had long since passed into nostalgia, the band found themselves gaining greater acceptance with their new name and sound.

In January 1999, Perris Records released an album of Roxx Gang rarities entitled, Old, New, Borrowed & Blue, simultaneously with the first, self-titled Mojo Gurus album, even though press copies went out listing Roxx Gang as the recording artist. Just as confusingly, Drinkin' T.N.T. and Smokin' Dynamite, released in June 2000, was issued originally as a Roxx Gang album and then as by Mojo Gurus. Following the 2001 release of a Roxx Gang best-of compilation entitled  Bodacious Ta Tas, Hot Damn (June 2003), which marked the debut of drummer Tommy Weder, also went out to reviewers as a Roxx Gang album, though it was commercially marketed as by Mojo Gurus.

By 2005, Mojo Gurus secured a contract with Empire Musicwerks, which is distributed by the major label Universal. The Mojo Gurus released their last album, Shakin' in the Barn, in September of 2005.

Things You've Never Done Before (1988)

The Voodoo You Love (1995)

 Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (1997)

 Old, New, Borrowed and Blue (1999)

Drinkin' T.N.T. and Smokin' Dynamite (2000)

 Bodacious Ta Tas (2001)

Mojo Gurus (1999)

 Hot Damn! (2003)

Shakin' In The Barn (2005)

Let's Get Lit With The Mojo Gurus (2009)

Boxx of Roxx (2011) 

Who Asked Ya? (2014) 

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“No Easy Way Out”

Things You've Never Done Before (1989)  

“I Cant Stand To Hear That Song Again”

Lets Get Lit 

True North Records/Linus Entertainment (2009)  

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