2008 - Present

Band Members:

  • Jimmy Lee Shelton (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards)
  • Dan Mockensturm (lead guitar)
  • Eddie Rey (bass)
  • Tony "TC" Clark (drums)

Selective Memory is a Tampa Bay based Cover/Original band that consists of Jimmy Lee Shelton (lead vocals, guitars, keyboard), Dan Mockensturm (lead guitar) Eddie Rey (bass) and Tony “TC” Clark (drums). The band describes their sound as one that leans more towards the hard rock side, but with acoustic influences.

The band was originally formed in 2008 after Clark made a phone call to his long time friend, Shelton. Due to Shelton’s similar passion for music, Clark asked Shelton if he would like to get together and jam. Shelton agreed, and the two musicians got together to jam in a small 10×12 room in Clark’s house. The two quickly realized they had something special together. With the support and encouragement from friends and family, Clark and Shelton decided to form a band together.

It was Clark who came up with the impromptu band name, Selective Memory, after some possible names for the project were blurted out in his kitchen. After settling on the band name, Shelton’s daughter, Ashley, created and designed the logo for the band. It’s Ashley’s original logo that is still used by the band to this day.

Lead guitarist, Dan Mockensturm, joined the band in 2012. Mockensturm moved to Clearwater in 1992 after teaching at the Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts in Orlando. After arriving in Clearwater, Mockensturm took a job as a full time audio engineer at a local recording studio. Mockensturm couldn’t deny his passion for playing in a band however, so he began looking for bands and musicians to play music with.

Mockensturm’s first band in the area was with Bill and Barbara Bland called Cheap Sneakers. After about a year or so playing with Cheap Sneakers, he was asked to join The Suspects (now The Edisons), and played with them for a few years. Eventually Mockensturm started a new band called Trick Shot, performing at many local clubs and festivals. After Trick ShotMockensturm played in a number of bands, playing a variety of music from acoustic to hard rock and even a few of the musical theater shows in town... all the while working in the recording studio, Mach 1 Productions (formerly Ron Rose Productions), in Tampa. During this period, Mockensturm also operated his own small sound company which ran live sound for local artist and shows as well.

Selective Memory’s latest addition is bassist Eddie Rey, a popular multi-talented musician in the Bay area. Rey is currently pursuing his degree in audio engineering while working on his new solo cd "Hybricity"Selective Memory attributes having two sound engineers in the band as to making it easier for the band to host bigger events for them and other bands.

The primary songwriter in the band is SheltonShelton describes his original songs as being influenced more from an acoustic background... reminiscent of such bands as The Doobie BrothersThe Guess Who and Crosby Stills & Nash, but with a harder edge to them, more similar to bands such as ChevelleShinedown and Seether. Some of Selective Memory’s better known original songs include “The Key”, a song about the Jessica Lunsford and Carlie Brucia’s murders, and “Last Soldier’s Diary”, a fan favorite written about Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese Soldier who refused to believe World War II had ended.

 Cusos Club & Camtina, Indian Rocks Beach

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