The Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society was founded in 2012 by syndicated Tampa Bay music columnist, Contract Songwriter, promoter and Tampa Bay & Florida Music Hall of Fame Vice President, Keith Wilkins.

Keith Wilkins initially founded the Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society after finding it extremely difficult to research any history of the Tampa Bay music scene for his #1 rated music column.

“I would continuously run into roadblocks when needing to conduct research on the history of a particular musician, band, venue, or event in the Tampa Bay area for my column. No matter how many hours I would spend on the internet trying to find information on our past, I would come up with very little. The fact of the matter is that the majority of information on the Tampa bay music scene history is just not out there. It was before the internet and nobody properly documented or recorded our history for future preservation.” - Keith Wilkins

It was out of this frustration (along with a fear that a lot of the Tampa Bay music scene’s past would forever be lost & forgotten) that prompted Keith to start the Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society.

“I want future generations here in the Bay area and abroad to know just how rich our history is. At the same time, I also want to recognize and honor those who have contributed to the music scene, and who have made such a huge impact on it as well. They deserve to know that they made a difference as both artists and entertainers in this area... regardless of whether or not they moved on to even bigger and better things on the national level.” - Keith Wilkins

New information, photos and videos are continuously being added to the website on a regular basis. If you have any information, old photos, old videos, etc. that you would like to submit to the Tampa Bay Music Scene Historical Society website, send your submissions to 



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