Here you will find little heard stories from the Tampa Bay music scene, told by the artists themselves.

 Lee Steel of Deloris Telescope

“I went to The Guitar Gallery in Clearwater with Tommy Biondo one afternoon. One of Tommy's Thunderbird bass guitars had a broken head-stock and he was having it repaired by John Buscarino. This 1961 Gretch Tennessean was for sale and I had to have it. I paid a whopping $275 with the original case. I fell in love with this guitar and I played it almost exclusively for more than 10 years. One night at Club Detroit, it fell off the stand and the head-stock snapped off. I took it to John Buscarino and he repaired it as if it was never broken. Another guitar I could kick myself for ever loosing in various trades. My good friend Perry at The Music Shop never talked me out of making the stupid mistakes I was prone to when it came to gear.”

- Lee Steel of Deloris Telescope 



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