The Tampa Bay Metal Hall of Fame was founded in 1990 by Keith Collins (formerly of Savatage & Krunch), along with the formation of the Tampa Bay Metal Awards.  The Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies would take place each year at the annual Tampa Bay Metal Awards Shows. 

 Keith Collins

(Class of 1990)

 Ace's Records

(Class of 1990)

 Volley Club

(Class of 1990)

 No Clubs Productions

(Class of 1991)

Rock-It Club 

(Class of 1992)

 Morrisound Studios

(Class of 1992)

Criss Oliva

(Class of 1994) 

 Eric Snider

(Class of 1994)

 The Pit (Class of 1991)

 The Ritz Theater (Class of 1991)

 Nasty Savage (Class of 1992)

Savatage (Class of 1993)

 Morbid Angel (Class of 1993)

 Tampa Bay Spike Magazine (Class of 1993)

 Music Players Magazine (Class of 1993)

Death (Class of 1994)


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