The following groups, individuals & entities have been nominated for possible induction into the Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame for their longevity and dedication to the Tampa Bay music scene, as well as their respective accomplishments and impacts that they have made both within and/or outside the Tampa Bay music scene.

To read the rules & regulations regarding the guidelines & criteria for the nomination & induction process into the Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame, click here.

For more information on the Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame, send an email to: or

 Click on each photo to view more information:

 Joe Lala

 Charlie Souza

 Lee Pons

Johnny Lee Middleton 

 Steve Arvey

Wendy Rich 

The Arena Twins


 Rock Bottom

 Tampa Red


Ray Charles 

 Matt LaPorte

Kevin Steele

 Jeff Vitolo

 Dave Arazmo

 Jerry Outlaw

 Kenny McGee

 Lucky Peterson

Johnny G. Lyon 

 Jon Oliva

Criss Oliva

 Keith Collins

 Todd LaTorre

 Rebecca Field

 Sarasota Slim

 Slim Whitman

Bobby Friss 

"Rhino" Reinhardt

 Greg Billings

 Ronnie Garvin


 Buddy Pendergrass

Michael Clarke

 Robby Steinhardt

Charlie Brantley 

 Rocky Ruckman

 Kurt Curtis

 Russ Albums

Paul Cochran 

 Jane McKee

 Ted Webb

 Margie Sexton

Brian Medlin 


 Rock-It Club

 Volley Club

 The Blueberry Patch

 Manhattan Casino

No Clubs Productions 


 The Manzy Harris Orchestra

The Thorns 


 The Soul Trippers

 The Roving Flames

 The Tempests

The Tropics

 The Outlaws

 Blues Cycle

Blues Image 

 The Fabulous Rockers

 The Roemans

 The Impacs



 Diamond Gray

 Cheeky Monkey

 Deloris Telescope

Uncle Sally 

The Hazies / UROK



 Roxx Gang

 Nasty Savage


 Men From Earth

Bleeding Hearts 





Mojo Gurus 



 Freaks Rule

 Tyger Tyger


 Morbid Angel

 Ice'd Earth

 The Genitorturers

 Jon Oliva's Pain

 Crimson Glory

Rebel Pride

 Circle II Circle

Tampa Bay Players Live! (TV Show)

 "The Mike Pachelli Show" (TV Show)

"Trax with Cathie Lucas" (TV Show)

 Jam Magazine

Music Forum Magazine

Tampa Bay Spike

Thrust Magazine

 Music Players Magazine

The Ritz Theatre 

 Surfer's Club

Club Detroit 

 The State Theatre

The Brass Mug 

Bourbon Street

Skippers Smokehouse

 Jannus Landing

 Morrisound Recording Studios

 88.5fm WMNF Radio

 The Pit


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