The Tampa Bay Music Network’s Annual Musicians Appreciation Award Ceremony is an awards show that honors Tampa Bay area cover bands. The award winners are chosen by voting from the Tampa Bay Music Network Board of Directors. 

The idea for the TBMN Musicians Award Ceremony was initially conceived of in the Fall of 2008 when area promoter, Victor Lima, founded the Tampa Bay Music Network while promoting shows at Boomerz Night Club in Seminole.

The 1st Annual TBMN Musician’s Award Ceremony was held on January 3rd, 2009 at Azaras Sports Bar located in Clearwater. Originally the event was scheduled to take place at Boomerz Night Club in Seminole, but Boomerz temporarily closed down…and eventually never re-opened. The inaugural show was hosted by the Tampa Bay band, Cellfish.

"I invited several bands to just come to my Musicians Appreciation Party, I wanted to thank them with some food and drinks." "Well, before you know it I had almost 80-90 musicians in the house, packed, considering Azaras is rather small." "I put a couple pizzas on one of their pool tables and had 5 awards I made up by a glass engraver I met on Tom Stewart Causeway who does glass doors."

"After Cellfish played their second set, about Midnight, I asked some bands to get up and jam. As I introduced them, as I’m known for doing...BAM, I whipped out an award." - Victor Lima, Tampa Bay Music Network. 

As the TBMN started to plan for the 2nd Annual TBMN Musicians Award Ceremony, and scout for a venue to hold the event at, they had one small problem.....50% of the bands were already booked elsewhere in the Bay area. the TBMN came up with the only solution they could think of... they would take the Award Show on the road in 2010. The TBMN announced several locations where Victor Lima would appear at in order to present the awards to the award winners.

 Azaras Sports Bar, Clearwater - January 3rd, 2009. 


"Favorite Networking Band" - Cellfish

"Favorite Supporter" - Tommy Roxx of Big Deal

"Favorite New Partner" - Promoter, David Lee from StageMaster Entertainment

"Favorite Party Band" - Sobriety X

"Favorite Band Of The Year" - R!SE




"Favorite Benefit / Supporter" - Woody and The Woodtones

"Favorite Graphics Designer" - Jason Jennings

"Favorite Up and Coming Band " - Envy

"Favorite Party Band" - R!SE

"Favorite Hard Rock Band" - Sobriety X

"Favorite Bass Player" - Jason Jennings

"Favorite Original Act" - Dive Bar Stalkers

"Favorite Band of The Year" - Big Deal

"Favorite Most Consistent Artist" (Career Achievement Award) - Kenny McGee of Julliet and Heartless

(Unknown Award)

(Unknown Award)


 Banana Boat Too, Clearwater - January 8th, 2011


"Favorite Drummer" - David Smith (Sobriety X)

"Favorite Up And Coming Act" - Den of Thieves

"Favorite Rock Band" - My D’ Vice

"Favorite Supporter" - Cliff Greene (My D’ Vice)

"Favorite Party Band" - Kilo

"Favorite Male Guitarist" - Brian "Bangus" Dwyer (Sin City)

"Favorite Female Guitarist" - Rebecca Field (Midnight Rush)

"Favorite Tribute Band" - Higher Ground (Red Hot Chill Peppers Tribute Band)

"Favorite Bass Player" - Michael Bach (Higher Ground)

"Favorite Front Vocalist" - Amelia Warren (LoudMouth)

"Favorite Sound Engineer" - (John Tech)

"Favorite Sound Engineer #2" - (Rick White)

"Favorite Website/Internet" - (John Tech)

"Favorite Photographer" - (Das Budda)

"Favorite Band Of The Year" - Sobriety X


 Banana Boat Too, Clearwater - January 7th, 2012


"Favorite Band of the Year" - Kilo

"Favorite Party Band" - Sobriety X

"Favorite Supporting Band" - Midnight Rush

"Favorite Supporting Band" - Ultra-Cool

"Favorite Up & Coming Act" - Gringo

"Favorite Alternative Band" - Capt. Buzz Kill

"Favorite Rock Band" - Wikkid

"Favorite Heavy Rock Band" - Den of Thieves

"Favorite Solo Act" - Ben Meyer

"Favorite Acoustic Solo Act" - Blu (Stone)

"Favorite Acoustic Band" - Stone

"Favorite Sponsor" - Seminole Music & Sound

"Favorite Media Source" - Mayhem Magazine

"Favorite Singer" - Rick Clark (Sobriety X)

"Favorite Guitarist" - Rollie Feldman (Den of Thieves, Circle II Circle, Priest)

"Favorite Bassist" - Greg Kime (Sobriety X, Dirty Sanchez)

"Favorite Drummer" - Mike Dillon (Edge of Sanity)

"Favorite Supporter" (individual) - John Barse (Midnight Rush)

"Favorite Cause/Message" - Brittany Nation Foundation Against Drunk Driving - “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

"Mayhem Magazine Drummer of the Year" - Jay Diesel (Wikkid, Crossbreed)



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