Band Members:
  • Dennis Pupello (piano / arranger / band leader)
  • Donna Lynn Caruso (vocals)
  • Artie Alvarez (vocals)
  • Chuck Berris (guitar)
  • Wes Young (bass guitar / vocals)
  • Onelio Ochoa Jr. (trumpet / vocals)
  • Manuel "The Joker" Gutierrez (baritone, tenor, alto, & soprano saxophone / latin percussion / vocals)
  • Roger Menendez (alto saxophone)
  • Anthony Lopez (drums)

Formed in the late 1950's, The Fabulous Rockers were arguably Tampa’s #1 all time band in the 1960's, and were recognized by many as the most versatile performing show group in the southeastern United States. The Fabulous Rockers recorded and released two original compositions in 1961, "Would I Still Be Loving You" and "Stranger".

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