Dorothy Chapman - former Secretary and later Vice President of the Rovin’ Flames Fan Club

1965 - 1969

Band Members:

  • Hardy Dial (lead vocals)
  • Jim Davis (lead vocals)
  • John Delise (lead vocals)
  • Ronnie Goedert (lead vocals)
  • Bob Thompson (lead vocals)
  • Hobie O'Brien (lead vocals)
  • Jerry Goff (drums)
  • J.R. Mietta (bass) 
  • Jimmy "Mouse" Morrison (lead guitar)
  • Johnny Rogers (organ)
  • Jay Colding (organ) 
  • John Delise (vocals)
  • Dave Tabak (drums)
  • Eddie Taylor (drums)
  • Jerry Nickerson (drums)
  • Paul Battle (rhythm guitar / vocals)

The Rovin’ Flames were formed in Tampa in 1965 by Paul Battle, Jimmy “Mouse” Morris, J. R. Maietta, and Jerry Goff. The Rovin’ Flames first record was “Gloria” / “J.J.J.P.” cut in September 1965 on the Fuller label owned by Charles Fuller who also ran the Boss and CFP (Charles Fuller Productions) labels. The 45 was produced by John Brumage.

The Rovin’ Flames second record was the demented “I Can’t”, written by producer John Brumage and released on the Boss label in February or March of ’66.

Paul Battle and Jerry Goff left the band for another project and about this time Hardy Dial left the group as well. By September of ’66 the band had added Jim Davis on lead vocals, Davy Tabak on drums, and for the first time they had an organ player, John Rogers, who came from Mississippi. This group would stay together for a few months but not record.

Jim Davis left the group in December of ’66 and Paul Battle returned for a very short time as lead vocalist. This lineup also would not record.

The next big change for the group was adding John Delise on lead vocals, the same singer who previously had replaced Hardy Dial in the Outsiders. Delise had a good run with the Outsiders. With their name changed to the Soul Trippers, a 45 of “I’m a King Bee” on the Laurie subsidiary label Providence was a minor sensation in the summer of ’66. In fact, the Outsiders/Soul Trippers and Rovin’ Flames stories seem intertwined in ways. With Delise moving on to the Rovin’ Flames, The Soul Trippers became Noah’s Ark, cutting two 45s for Decca, including a cleaned-up version of the Fugs “Group Grope” retitled “Love In” that the band credited to themselves. Ed Sanders really should have sued over that one! One of the writers credited on “Love In” is Helen Uncapher who would co-wrote both sides of the Rovin’ Flames next release, “How Many Times” / “Love Song #6? with John Delise. As producer of these discs, John Brumage at H&H seems to have been responsible for placing both Noah’s Ark and the Rovin Flames with Decca in 1967.

John Delise lasted longer than most of the Rovin’ Flames lead singers, but still was with the group less than a year. Bob Thompson took over in November of ’67. Around this time the Flames started appearing with ‘Rovin’ Things’ emblazoned on Eddie Taylor’s drumhead, though it is unknown if they really changed their name in their bookings.

Johnny Rogers died in March 1968 and Bob Thompson and Eddie Taylor left the band. Jim Morris and J.R. Maietta must have barely been able to hold the group together, but by July they had recruited three replacement musicians, Jay Colding on organ and Jerry Nickerson on drums, plus Ronnie Goedert on lead vocals. Ronnie didn’t stay long and was replaced by Hobie O’Brien in the fall of ’68. The band broke up for good in early 1969.

Following the bands breakup, J.R. Maietta stopped performing and owned a record store for some years. He passed away in 1996. John Delise died on October 3, 2004, and the band’s last keyboard player Jay Colding passed away on November 26, 2009. Ronnie Goedert later joined White Witch, and passed away in 2000. 

"Bo Diddley"/"Seven Million People"

(Tampa Bay Records-1966) 

 "How Many Times"/"Love Song No. 6"

(Decca Records-1967)



July 10 – Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, with the Dave Clark Five and the Tropics

July ? – Lakeland Shower of Stars

July ? – Tiger Den, Cocoa, FL

Aug. 24 – Sacred Heart Academy

Sept. 10 – Delta Sigma Phi, Gainsville, FL

Sept. 24 – Patricks Air Force Base

Oct. 1 – Sacred Heart Academy

Oct. 15 – Sacred Heart Academy/ “FCA”

Oct. 29 – Sacred Heart Academy

Oct. 31 – Lakeland

Nov. 1, 2, 3 – Lakeland

Nov. 4 – Umitilla

Nov. 5 – Fla. Pres. College, St. Petersburg

Nov. 11 – Daytona Beach

Nov. 12 – Cocoa, FL

Nov. 17 – Lakeland

Nov. 18 – Fla. Pres. College, St. Petersburg

Nov. 19 – Sacred Heart Academy

Nov. 25 – Carrollwood Country Club

Nov. 26 – Trowel Building, Tampa / Benefit for Robert McCord Oral School – with the Surfsiders

Dec. 25 – Sacred Heart Academy

Dec. 31 – King Solomon’s Mine 


Jan. 16-22 and late January – Beachcomber Club, Jacksonville

Jan. 20 – Sacred Heart Academy

Jan. 31 – Feb. 6 – Lakeland

Feb. 17 – Temple Terrace

Feb. 18 – Punta Gorda

Feb. 25 – Sacred Heart Academy

Late Feb. – early March – Lakeland

March 7 – Largo Fair

March 11 – Tiger’s Den, Cocoa, FL with the McCoys

March 17 – Big Moose Showcase

March 18 – Apopka Youth Center

March 20 – April 3 – Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami

April 7 – Big Moose’s Showcase, St. Petersburg

Apr. 8 – Sarasota Armory

Apr. 9 – Benefit in memory of Charlie Beecham (The Emotions)

Apr. 21 – Big Moose’s Showcase, St. Petersburg

Apr. 28 – Tiger’s Den, Cocoa, FL / benefit for Crippled Children’s Home

Apr. 29 – Sacred Heart Academy, Tampa

May 6 – Lake City

May 12 – Sebring

May 13 – Umatilla

May 19 – F.C.A.

May 20 – Tiger’s Den, Cocoa, FL

June 2 – Inn Crowd, with the Robbs and the Gents

June 3 – Sacred Heart Academy

June 7 – Melborne Civic Center

June 9 – Aloha

June 16 – Temple Terrace

June 17 – Inn Crowd

June 23 – Tiger’s Den, Cocoa, FL

June 24 – Aloha / WALT Beach Party

June 28 – Sacred Heart Academy

June 30 – Sacred Heart Academy Luau (private)

July 1 – Sacred Heart Academy

July 10 – Tiger’s Den, Cocoa, FL

July 14 – J.C. Club

July 17 – Temple Terrace

July 19 – Sacred Heart Academy

Nov. 25 – Clearwater Hullabaloo

late Nov. – Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, with Noah’s Ark, the 13th Hour and the Puddin’ Basin Group 


March 9 – Tiger’s Den, Cocoa

July 13 – Soap Box Derby Parade

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