Years Active:
  • 1999 - 2008
Band members:
  • Fishbone Claus (drums & lead vocals)
  • Frankie Mob (guitars & vocals)
  • Kablez Harrison (bass & vocals)
  • Pete "Foots" Gratta (drums & vocals)
  • Chuck Zang (lead vocals)
  • Jason Jennings (bass)
  • Monte Valdez (keyboards)
  • Brad Davis (bass & vocals)
Trilogy was originally a 3-piece band formed in 1999 by Frankie Mob (guitars & vocals), Fishbone Claus (drums & lead vocals), and Kablez harrison (bass & vocals). Pete "Foots" Gratta joined Trilogy in 2001 to take over on drums, allowing Fishbone Claus to move up front as the Lead vocalist.

"I had seen them [Trilogy], for the first time, not too long after they first formed in 1999. But, saw them again in 2001 at The Green Parrot in Largo. I was with another local band at that time. My wife, Marlee & I went to see them on a Monday night at the Parrot since it was close to home. We got there before the 1st set started and had a chance to talk with everyone before the show. They started the set with some heavy rock but about 4 songs into the set changed over to acoustic guitars. Even Fishbone came out from behind the drums and strapped on an acoustic. Honestly, I never knew that he played guitar. I was aware that he played keyboards but not the guitar. One of the main reasons we came to see Trilogy was to see how Fishbone was doing on the drums. He had recently recovered from having both of his hips replaced. When we heard the songs they were playing I leaned over to Marlee & told her I knew every song they were playing. I was sooooo close to going up, grabbing the sticks & playing along I could taste it. A few minutes later I said to her, "Fishbone needs to get off the drums & come up front. Play some guitar, keyboards, percussion & generally front the band. AND let me take over the drums. His hips need a break." We both got a little chuckle out of it & went home. Two days later I got an email from Melody [Fishbone's wife] with some terrible news. She said that Fishbone was laying out by their pool & looking at the side of one of his legs that he was looking at having some tattoo work done on and when he tried to turn his leg the hip popped out & was totally dislocated. Paramedics had to take him to the hospital. When I read this I called Marlee over for her to read the email. We were both shocked by the news we just read. Then I looked at & said, "well I know what I have to do". The choice was clear. I gave the band I was with 3 months notice to find another drummer, joined Trilogy and made them a 4 piece band." - Pete "Foots" Gratta

Throughout the years, Trilogy went through several band member changes. The band officially broke up in 2008. At the time of the bands 2008 break up, the official line-up of the band included Frankie Mob (guitar & vocals), Pete "Foots" Gratta (drums, percussion & vocals), Monte Valdez (keyboards), and Brad Davis (bass & vocals).

In 2012 Frankie Mob, Fishbone Claus, Kablez Harrison, & Pete "Foots" Gratta did a reunion show at The Niagara Tap with special guest Tom Mignella on the saxophone. The band later reunited once again for a performance at Niagra Tap on July 12th, 2013 as well.