How well do you know  the history of the Tampa Bay music scene? Test your knowledge by              answering the following trivia questions: 

                   1) The word “JAM” in JAM Magazine was actually an                 acronym. What did “JAM” actually stand for?  

           2) Which Bay area band had trained hairstylists stationed on-site at their 1996 CD                   Release party to give out $1.00 haircuts to fans while watching the show? 

          3) Which mid-1960's Tampa Bay band had their song               pulled from local radio station play lists after it was               discovered that the band consisted of 5 white men                 instead of 5 black men, even though the single sold                 20,000 copies?  

            4) In 1983, a local band called "Avatar" changed their name due to legal reasons. What               did the band change their name to? 

            5) In the 1970's, three popular Tampa Bay bands featured a             bass player who would eventually go on to become a                       famous professional wrestler. Who was the bass player, and             what were the names of all three bands? 

            6) This band changed their name to "The Soul                      Trippers" after signing with Providence Records in                   1966. What was The Soul Trippers original name                   before changing it? 

           7) Which Tampa Bay band won a Columbia                          Records recording contract after winning 1st place in an            international battle of the bands competition held in                Chicago in 1966? 

            8) Which unsigned Tampa Bay band sold over 100,000 copies of their 1992 debut full-                 length album titled "Loaded Gun?" 

            9) Who was the first "individual" to be inducted into the Tampa Bay Metal Hall of Fame in             1990? 

            10) Which St. Petersburg industrial metal band received world-wide attention following                 their announcement that they would conduct an assisted suicide live, onstage during their               October 4th, 2003 performance at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg? The attempt               later resulted in Governor Jeb Bush's decision to create and signe into law a bill that                 made it a felony to assist in a suicide for commercial or entertainment purposes. 

            11) Which Tampa Bay musician won a 2009 songwriting contest held by the City of St.                 Petersburg which resulted in his song "Carry Me Back To St. Petersburg" becoming the                 official song of the city of St. Petersburg? 

           12) Which popular Tampa band appeared on the                       nationally syndicated show, "Rockline," performing a                 few of their songs and answering questions from callers             in August 1996? 

            13) Tampa Bay singer, Billy Tourtelot, ran for office in 2003 as a               write-in candidate for the St. Petersburg City Councilor position.                 What Tampa Bay band was he a member of at the time? 

            14) What popular Tampa Bay music magazine was bought out by JAM Magazine in 1993? 

           15) The song lyrics to what song are inscribed on               Criss Oliva's (Savatage) tombstone? 

            16) What Tampa Bay band won the Florida regionals of the "Ticketmaster Music                       Showcase" in 1994, beating out such bands as The YZ Band, Antler, Hourglass Garden,               and Tyger Tyger? 

            17) Which Tampa Bay band appeared in a 1996 television commercial for Burdine's                     department stores, modeling a line of clothing to promote the stores "Back To School"                 campaign? 

            18) What independent Sarasota record label was started in 1996 by Denise                           Williams of Daddy Kool Records and Tony Rifugiato of No Clubs! Productions? 

            19) Which popular Tampa Bay musician won the “emerging Artist Grant” from the Arts                 Council of Hillsborough County in 1996? 

            20) Which Tampa Bay band changed their name following a "Name the Band" contest they             held in 1996? 

            21) Which Tampa Bay music magazine had a circulation of 80,000 - 90,000 readers in                 1996? 

            22) Which Tampa Bay death metal band seen their 5th album chart on the "Billboard Top             200" album charts at #150 in 1996? 

            23) Who was the Tampa Bay guitarist/singer who hosted a popular network tv show that               aired in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Orlando market for 10 years, and boasted an                       impressive 14 million cumulative audience? 

            24) What television music show, filmed in Tampa Bay, hired Kelly Snare (wife                         of Firehouse drummer, CJ Snare) as their on-air interviewer in 1996. 

            25) What popular Tampa Bay music magazine was purchased by former publisher of                     the Orlando Weekly, George Biggers, in 1996? 

            26) What St. Petersburg band won the "Mastercard American Collegiate Talent Search               Campus Competition" in 1997? 

            27) Which popular Tampa Bay music magazine ended their publication and shut down                     operations in February of 1997? 

           28) What influential Tampa solo popster was arrested in 1996                while vacationing in Russia? 

            29) Which Tampa bass player won the 1996 national "Guitarists on Fire” competition held             by Jazziz Magazine? 

            30) What was the name of the Tampa Bay band that was fronted by AC/DC's Brian                   Johnson in the mid 1990's? 

            31) Which Tampa Bay Band received high recommendations for their 1994 album in the                 April 1996 issue of Relix Magazine? 

            32) What St. Petersburg band had 2 of their songs off of their 1988                 debut album featured in the 2006 THQ video game, "Saints Row?" 

            33) Which Tampa Bay band won the "Band of the Year" award at the "1st Annual Tampa               Bay  Music Awards" show held on June 19th, 1989 at Mako's in Clearwater? 

                   34) What country is Geri X originally from? 

           35) Who is the woman depicted on the cover of Savatage's              1993 album, "Edge of Thorns"? 


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