1980 - 1996

Band Members:

  • Carl Bennett (lead vocals)
  • Guy Poletti (lead guitar, vocals)
  • Mendel Schenck (bass)
  • Herb DeRochemont (drums, bass)
  • Del Weber (bass)
  • Mitch Poletti (drums)
  • Mike Sacco (lead guitar)
  • Wayne Guyton (lead vocals)
  • David Smith (drums)
  • Curt Smith (lead guitar)
  • Chuck Core (drums)
  • Nick Simmons (guitar)
  • Carl Bennett (lead vocals)

Vengeance Incorporated was formed in the heavy metal hotbed of Brandon in the mid-1980's, and the original line-up stayed intact, toured, and recorded until the mid-1990's. The demise of heavy metal and departure of members convinced the band to call it quits in 1996. The remaining members re-formed under another format as Screamin' Weasel.



 Malicious Intent


Bad Crazy


 Love Kills


 Bad Live & Crazy


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