Band Members:

  • Evin Pennington - (lead vocals)
  • Doc Synizter (lead guitar/vocals)
  • Jon Lo - (guitar)
  • George "God Of Thunder" Campbell (bass)
  • Craven Moorehead (bass)
  • K.G. "Kage" (percussion)

War On Hollywood was originally formed in Tampa by Keith "Kage" Gentry (former Ohio rock scene vetern), and Doc Synizter, a solo artist and founding front man of the former national metal/punk act, Faustian X. The two musicians formed War On Hollywood following a ten minute telephone conversation about how they both wanted to put together an original modern rock band, intent on going farther then just playing the local bar scene.

Joined next by female vocalist Evin Pennington of Nashville Tennessee, the project took on a new element, taking it in the direction of a modern, hard rock Fleetwood Mac/Lady Antebellum male/female fronted sort of way.

While auditioning for bass players during the early stages of the band, War On Hollywood was plagued with seemingly endless auditions by bassists and rhythm guitarists who either did not fit in with the line up, or who simply could not commit to the band.

Eventually Gentry would run into a former bandmate of his, John Lowe (The John Lowe Band), a guitarist from New York. Lowe was not only extremely eager in making the commitment to join the band, but he shared the same dedication and long term goals as well.

Shortly after Lowe joined the band, Synizter contacted a good friend of his from Virginia, George Campbel, former bassist of The Marshall Law band. With Campbell agreeing to join the band, their lineup was now complete.

In December of 2012, the band released their self-titled, debut album. The album was written by Gentry and Synizter and recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Synizter at his studios in Florida.

Three tracks released from the album quickly climbed the N1M Music charts. “Sea Of Death” reached the #4 spot on the U.S. Hard Rock charts, as well as the #1 slot on the Florida Hard Rock charts. Also on the Florida Hard Rock charts“You Make Me Smile” reached the #2 position. Even more impressive was the charting of the bands instrumental song, “Bad Boy Boogie”. Originally released as a Synizter solo track, “Bad Boy Boogie” reached the #1 position on the World Rockabilly charts in less then three days.

With their self-titled debut album cut and released nationally through, several songs rocketing almost over night to the top of the N1M hard rock and rockabilly charts, three official music videos released on The COOLTV!, and their songs and videos receiving airplay and great reviews all over the internet, War On Hollywood quickly began to make a name for themselves. Their songs and videos from the album are featured on; Xsite RadioSkope Magazine's Skope RadioMetalhead RadioMetaltomeThe COOLTV!Red Square Radio, and of course on YouTube and Reverbnation as well.

In early 2013, Pennington parted ways with the band, leaving War on Hollywood to continue on as a four piece. Shortly after that the band parts ways with Campbel, replacing him with Craven Moorehead on bass. What keeps the band going? War On Hollywood's driving force is the belief and determination that true music fans don't want plastic, pop, lip sync'd, heartless, overproduced, Hollywood controlled, major label trash forced down their throats. The band believes that all the “greats” like Led ZepplinAC/DCGuns n' Roses, and the Rolling Stones became great for a reason, and it wasn't because they choreographed everything, wore matching costumes, endorsed products they didn't believe in, or lip sync'd songs that someone else had to write for them.

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 War On Hollywood (2012)


"You Make Me Smile"

War On Hollywood (2012)